Number Date Title OPR Prescribing Directive

F31 Oct-20 Unit Check Request FM S 173-1

F32 Oct-20 Deposit Advice FM S 173-1

F33 Jan-18 Advance Request FM S 173-1

F34 Jan-18 Bank Transfers FM S 173-1

F35 Oct-21 Fundraising & Donations FM S 173-1

F36 Jan-18 Travel Request and Reimbursement FM S 173-1

F37 Jan-18 Direct Deposit Enrollment FM S 173-1

F38 Oct-20 Wing Check Request FM S 173-1

F70 Jun-15 Credit Card Receipt & Acknowledgement FM S 77-1

F73 Jul-18 Vehicle Trip Log LGT S 77-1

F90A Oct-18 Aircraft Report DO S 66-1

F90B Oct-18 Aircraft Report DO S 66-1

Other Resources

Number Date Title

- COVID Health Screening Questionnaire

- May-18 Fleet Weight and Balance Calculator

- Sep-12 Mountain Flying Grade Slip

- Undated POV Form (upload to eServices, for use during missions)

- Aug-15 Unit Budget Worksheet

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